Can Money Buy Happiness?

February 10, 2017

Do you believe in this popular statement that ‘money cannot buy happiness’? I think it is true in some cases and not true in many other cases. It is possible that someone may have lot of money and yet be unhappy and it is also possible that someone may not have lot of money and yet be happy and satisfied. We find that happiness is a state of mind; which gives us good feelings.

Money is energy which is exchanged with things we need in life. All of us are running after money. Aren’t you too? Can you survive without money?  Won’t you be happy if you have a nice big house, nice car, can visit competent doctors and go to good hospital, the children can go to good school, put on nice clothes, having nice dinner in restaurant and can help others? All the goodies that you can buy with money give you good feelings, isn’t it? So, money does make you happy. We see that happiness is linked with money in one way or other.

A balance must be struck between wants and needs. There should be enough money to fulfill the basic needs. Once basic needs are met you are a satisfied and happy person. Anything more than your needs are your wants and there is no limit to what you may want.

Happiness comes from within you. Money is always good. It is energy and a source of happiness. The problem is in its use; which can be right or wrong. If you are obsessed with money and too materialistic then you are robbing yourself of happiness.

It is, however, in the human nature to want more. Even when the basic needs are met we ask for more and more and enter the never ending rat race. We look at others possessions and want more of what they have: house, cars and properties etc. A time comes when the greed knows no limits and you go for ambitious possessions, by hook or crook. Your possessions start possessing you.

The remedy lies in inculcating religious, moral and ethical values to keep a check and balance between your wants and needs. Be happy.

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