Case Studies

Case Studies

Anger Irritation & anxiety before marriage

Negative Energy: Black bird, violent

Could not perform sexually on marriage night

Pain in his head,  and behind the eyes

Negative Energies

Depression & Anxiety

Involuntary Awakening of Kundalini Shakti

Twitching, nerves sticks, hates maths, (ADD)

Unhappiness and sadness for no reason


Case Studies
June 20, 2017

Reiki has three levels of healing and it can work at all levels of human existence. A gentleman told me that he was going to perform Umrah but he had a serious

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March 27, 2017

OMW is a taping system which deletes the viruses, inside us and installs the positives in a short time, easily with long lasting results. The viruses may be in

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October 13, 2016

A lady came to me with a complaint of burning at the base of the spine at tale bone and pressure and burning in the naval area, pain in kidneys, sever acidity i

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Case Studies

Anger Irritation & anxiety before marriage:-

Samreen came to me for anger, irritation, conjunction in throat, head and ears, backache and anxiety. She was going to be married in a month’s time and she was not sure for herself. It became may be fighting with almost everyone at home. After four sittings she became cool and calm. Her anxiety and irritation subsided. She became more focused towards her preparation for marriage and preparing herself for the big event. She was a patient of sinus from many years during these four sittings even though she did not completely over came the sinus issue however could hear better and the dripping of mucus in her throat stopped and she felt better in her head and her forehead. The premarriage anxiety because of total lack of communication between her and her fiancée and other relevant factors. Her backache improve and she was more align and confident towards the biggest event of her life.

Negative Energy: Black bird, violent and horrifying:-

Salman came to me with strange problem something to do with negative energies. He told me that many times at night and sometimes during the day also he would see an image of a big black bird and sometimes when he was sleeping the bird would attack him and hit him on the face with his big wings. He could feel the pressure of the bird on his chest and the face of the hitting wings on his face. Since it is a motto in OMW that we should “try it on everything”. I applied OMW on this issue of negative energies and in two sittings amazingly the bird never came again nor its any kind of effects.

Could not perform sexually on marriage night:-

He came to me with this problem that he could not perform during the first night of his marriage despite his best efforts that is he could not have erecting. He was shaky and had no confidence in himself regarding marrying again. He wanted to go in another relationship but was afraid of really entering into the relationship. In two sittings the bad memory of his previous marriage which ended in divorce because of his non-performance, that memory was completely deleted from his mind and self confidence in him for the future was insulted. He was confident of himself and tested himself for positive sexual performance.

Pain and stretching in his head, forehead, eyes and behind the eyes:-

Tahir came to me with a very serious mental issue. He had shown many doctors but to no avail. He was a student of O’ levels and six months before his final exams he contracted this problem. He could not concentrate and could not remember things and went off studies completely. Could not tolerant any loud noises and several headaches and stretching in his head, forehead, ears, eyes and in times in his arms, hands and even in legs. From of finger color he became blackish and his palms were deep reddish and mostly blackish. With four sittings of OMW he improved tremendously. All the above symptoms vanished. He started taking interest in studies again. His facial complexion became fairer during the sitting his blackish color of his hand almost improved to fair and normal color. For total relief from his problem his sittings are continuing.

Negative Energies: – (Magic, cutting of clothes)

Lady came to me with a complaint that her clothes were being cut or burn in different ways. This phenomenon was happening to have in her whole family from last about 4 years. She had been gone to many anti magic and spirituous headers but to no avail. She could two sittings from me and have pleasant surprise this cutting of clothes phenomena completely stopped. Not only for her or her whole family like her daughter, sister and mother.


Depression & Anxiety:-

Claustrophobia, fear, apprehension of unknown, fear of long evening, lower self esteem, post natal, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, fear of loosing control, dull dreams, difficulty in sleeping at night, feelings of loneliness, fear of husband’s job, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), uneasiness during day, fear of darkness, stressful events of the past before marriage, panic attacks, lack of confidence, feeling of heart sinking, disturbed married life (lack of interest and a sex by husband), passive behavior, frequent weeping and suicidal thoughts after six sittings she has improved remarkably. In her all above mention aspects of anxiety and depression. She finds herself a new person. Her claustrophobia, fear of evenings, frequent depression, weeping bounds etc etc have gone. She also improved her relationship physical and emotional with her husband. She used to get stressed while handling her 1 year daughter and take it as a burden. She now handles her daughter with pleasure. She herself being a psychologist was enabling to run her clinic since the birth of her child due to post natal hormonal imbalances. She is now happily and confidently running her own clinic.

Involuntary Awakening of Kundalini Shakti:-

A lady came to me with a complaint of burning at the base of the spine at tale bone and pressure and burning in the naval area, pain in kidneys, sever acidity in the stomach, hot flushes on face and shoulders, burning in the genital organs and thies generally feeling tremendous heat in the whole of spinal area and in the body. After three sittings all the above mention symptoms improved remarkably. After three sittings of OMW and Reiki all the above symptoms improved remarkably. It was as if the involuntary energy of the kundalini which have arisen from the base of the spine understood the language of OMW and Reiki and quietly and obediently subsided. Back in to its original position.

Twitching, nerves sticks, hates maths, lack of self confidence, avoid all physical exercises, Attention Defies Disorder (ADD):-

A young girl of 12 years came to me with the above mention complaints. I treated her exclusively with OMW. I found that the twitching part she is inherited from her father. He also has the same style of nerves stick. In four sittings she improved her twitching by 80%. She became aware of nerves sticks and learnt to control the twitching part very easily also it was impressed upon in her subconscious mind and that she was not twitch and instead remain relaxed and calm without twitching with she did. Her self confidence improved by miles her shyness improved and she could communicate better with her family members, relatives and even strangers. Regarding her hater for the subject of maths she also improved remarkably in that aspect as well. She not only does not hate maths anymore rather she likes it and likes the procedures and solutions of mathematics with interest. Thanks to OMW.

Aches, Pains:-

Unhappiness and sadness for no reason:-

A lady were coming into my office, when I was asked by my wife to attend to lady who have some problems she was a young girl of about 30 years doing a job in a company. She was an MBA. She told me that she had seen many doctors but her sadness and unhappiness and feelings of purpose less life were percestencily with her. In a way she was in a constant state of depression for unknown reasons.

Instantly I thought of taking her into age regression. So I hypnotized her and took her way back into her mother’s womb. She started suffering from deep trauma, tears started flowing from her eyes, her face became highly stressed and her whole body posture became similar like a child in the mother’s womb.

I know that she was suffering from trauma and she needed therapy from this moment. So I gave her a therapy and brought out the traumatic issues from her subconscious to her conscious mind. Later as I progressed her towards her parent age I kept giving her number of therapy shocks. After awakening she explained that time of trauma was the time when her mother was divorced by her father after lots of fights.

Later on she became happily in her life and that unknown sadness and depression feelings vanished.

OCD (compulsive to take of all the clothes before urination):-

A young man of about 33 to 34 years was doing a good job in a multinational company with a problem that he had to take off all his clothes every time he went for urination this caused a lot of problem for him especially when he was traveling and in his working environments.

Immediately I sensed that it had something to do with his childhood experience. So I put him into hypnosis and into age regression. During the visit this child felt like going for urination. Some boy suggested that he could go behind the tree and release himself which he did. When he came back the boys of his class started laughing and making fun of him because inadvertently he had wet his pant on so with the urine and his clothes were visible. Unless embarrassment to the child was instilled in his subconscious mind and as he grew in age this experience of embarrassment kept growing as well and so much so that he was now complete to take off all his clothes before urination.

I treated him for his OCD right then when he was a child and brought him back to his present age as a healed person. 80% of his problem was solved through age regression and later on after two more sittings he was completely in control of himself and even if this thought of taking off clothes crossed his mind.

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