The OMW Workshop

March 27, 2017

OMW is a taping system which deletes the viruses, inside us and installs the positives in a short time, easily with long lasting results. The viruses may be in the form of mental, emotional or physical health issues; these can be dealt with and replaced by empowerment thus making you feel better and happy. The participants of the workshop were very enthusiastic and their enthusiasm kept enhancing as the day progressed. They were learning with the curiosity of a child, which I think is the right way of learning. The participants (ladies and gentlemen) had brought in with them lot unwanted baggage relationships issues, depression, low self-esteem, and negative thoughts etc. etc. To their surprise, by the end of the day, by the grace of God, we solved many important issues because they got enough opportunities to tap, tap and tap in multiple forms. OMW is a practical, result oriented energy tapping system. I am sharing with you just two case studies very briefly.

Case study 1:

A person had deep rooted self-esteem issue and had suffered series of failures in life which made him convinced that he was a failure.

There is a way of sharing energy in OMW and I really love it. Do you know all of us share energy all the time, wheth

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October 13, 2016

A lady came to me with a complaint of burning at the base of the spine at tale bone and pressure and burning in the naval area, pain in kidneys, sever acidity in the stomach, hot flushes on face and shoulders, burning in the genital organs and thies generally feeling tremendous heat in the whole of spinal area and in the body. After three sittings all the above mention symptoms improved remarkably. After three sittings of OMW and Reiki all the above symptoms improved remarkably. It was as if the involuntary energy of the kundalini which have arisen from the base of the spine understood the language of OMW and Reiki and quietly and obediently subsided. Back in to its original position.

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