Do I Love and Accept Myself as I am?

February 15, 2017

“Why should I love and accept myself when there are so many issues with me? There are problems in my looks, body, my past, my performance and my status. I have to criticize myself unless I improve. I am a bad person”. This way of thinking is problem oriented: originated from a stuck state of mind.

The solution lies in loving and accepting yourself, unconditionally. You can only improve when you stand on the solid foundation of self-love. That is the basis of improvement and change. Self-criticism devalues the inner self and lowers self-esteem. When we start loving and accepting ourselves, we build our self-esteem. Our achievements in life are directly proportional to our self-esteem. Higher the self-esteem; higher will be the level of happiness and success.

You can only love and accept others when you love and accept yourself, totally. Create love, acceptance and respect for yourself in abundance and share it with others. This is happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. How to create self-love? Here are 8 points:

  • Look at yourself in the mirror, every day and tell the person you are looking at that you love him and accept him just as he/she is. The imperfections and problems do not exist. You are just as you are and that is OK.
  • Compare yourself with yourself, only and never with others.
  • Forgive yourself and others, easily.
  • Release the whole of negative past, as if it never existed; after learning lessons from it. Feel good about what you learnt
  • You are your best friend. Treat your friend with honor and respect
  • Appreciate, appreciate and appreciate yourself
  • Change what you can and accept what you cannot change. Keep moving.
  • Challenge yourself and do something new, every day.
  • Connect with your deepest hurting and wounded self and perform OMW to heal it and to love and accept truly and fully.
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