Free Meditation Wisdom of Energy Centres in Human Body

March 9, 2016

Following aspects of the energy centres were discussed:

  • What are energy centres?
  • Are energy centres real?
  • What is wisdom of the energy centres?
  • Where are they located?
  • How do they move and how do they look like?
  • What is aura?
  • How do the energy centres influence mind, body and soul?
  • Can the energy centres and aura be seen?
  • What is energizing, healing and cleansing of the energy centres?

The energy centres in human body are vital for our being. These centres deal and control everything about us including wealth, manifestation, sexualityself-esteem,relationshipsself-expressionintuition and spirituality. There are seven energy centres in the body and five out of body called the spiritual centres.

Why should we know about the energy centres?

Knowing about these is important because we are a form of energy and these are centres of energy controlling all energetic issues; positive or negative. Activating the energy centres balances and harmonizes the energy systems in us; vital for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We are spiritual beings first and then physical beings. Cleansing, balancing, energizing and harmonizing the energy centres are the way to spirituality.

Brief functions of each energy centre: All energy centres vibrate and spin clock wise, have a colour, location and are connected with some parts of our physical body. The energy centres are connected and influence one another. They can be open or closed. The more open an energy centre, the faster it spins.

The Aura: Human aura is electromagnetic field around the body. Also called HEF i.e. human energy field. The colour of the aura is a blend of all the colours of the energy centres. Aura around the human body is directly proportional to health of energy centres.

How do we energize the energy centres? Energizing the energy centres automatically cleanses and heals the centres. We can energize them by:

  • Focusing on them
  • Imagine spinning them clockwise; faster
  • Imagine bright beautiful colours of energy centres
  • Give Reiki to the energy centres
  • Breathing into them

The Root Energy Centre:  It is the 1st Centre, located at the base of the spine and the colour is red. It is linked to our connection and loyalty to our “tribe,” family, and fellow human beings, our connection with Mother Earth, physical groundedness, survival instincts, pleasure / pain, and materialistic pursuits.

The Sacral Energy Centre:  It is the 2nd Centre, located at the genitals below the navel. This centre is orange in colour and is linked to our inner child, creativity, spontaneity and sexuality.

The Solar Plexus Energy Centre: It is the 3rd Centre, situated just above the navel. The colour here is yellow. It is linked to our internalized parent, “shoulds,” self-esteem, reaction to criticism, personal power, ego, our sense of individuality and inner self.

The Heart Energy Centre: It is the 4th Centre and is located in the centre of the chest. The colours here are green and pink. It is linked to love (as a union of spiritual and human love), compassion, confidence, trust, and inspiration.

The Throat Energy Centre: It is the 5th Centre and is at the base of the throat. The colour is blue. It is linked to speaking and living our truth. We take responsibility for our own needs, surrendering our will to the Divine, decision making, personal authority, and our ability to manifest our creative impulses.

The Brow Energy Centre: It is the 6th Centre located in the centre of the forehead. It is associated with the colour indigo and is linked to inner vision, unity, divine understanding, discernment, wisdom, intuition, and intelligence.

The Crown Energy Centre: It is the 7th Centre and is at the very top of the head. It is associated with the colours purple and pure white light. It is linked to our connection with Higher Power, The Source, integration of the whole, living in the now, meaning, devotion, inspiration, and higher alignment.

The Eighth Centre: It is located just above the crown centre. Black colour of mystery is associated with it which turns into silver with the development of spirituality. It is connected with thymus gland and holds all records of life time and all other related dimensions. One can be at many places at the same time. The essence is timelessness. Potential future exists here.  

It is the energy centre of divine love, of spiritual compassion. When the eighth centre begins to open up and expand, a new spiritual awareness begins to take shape.

If a real fear exists here, it will remain closed, and it will be necessary to dissolve that fear. Also, the 8th energy centre holds much karmic residue. The newly ascending individual will have to shed some of this karma, so that the other centres can awaken.

The Ninth Energy Centre: It sits about two feet above the head and it stores the skills and abilities learned in lifetime. The colour here is golden. It holds the key to the soul’s destiny. The soul learns the true meaning of what was being accomplished from the entire human experience and, then, finally, spiritual wisdom sets in.

The Tenth Energy Centre: It is located one and a half feet under the feet in the ground. The colour is that of earth. It is connected with physical elements of earth and with bones, marrow of bones of the body and with ancestors.  Converts light into body.  It can heal client’s issues and even MS disease. Horrible experiences are stored into this energy centre which can be tracked and healed.

Here the nature greets you and you are able to communication with nature. You are connected with wind, fire, ether, stars, water, air etc.

The Eleventh Energy Centre:  It is located outside the whole body and forms auric field close to the body. The colour here is pink. It is linked with and commands natural forces i.e. connected with other beings, even pains and leadership positions in life.

When developed, open and balanced; you demand and it happens. The knowing rushes to you. To command this power you have to be cautious, and ethical and a person of integrity.

The Twelfth Energy Centre: It is the master level centre covering the entire auric field and connected with 32 minor energy centres in the body as well as with the spiritual self.


The colour here is that of clear white light. One takes ownership of what is and gains expert knowledge. The knowledge of when, where, about the self and the highest purpose of life reveals here. One lives in the present moment. One can alter the situations and is endowed with the gifts of communication, healing, and harmonizing into one’s own mastery.


It is the source of the individual’s strength and power and has the ability to create change not only in the physical dimension but the nonphysical dimensions as well.

This centre contains the ascension energies, which are used at the proper time to bathe all the energy centres in ascension energy and cause them to accelerate faster than light. At this point the individual is fully ascended and can go anyplace in the universe.

Control over the natural elements can also be developed (air, water, fire, earth) to an advanced degree when this centre begins opening.

No one ascends until they are ready and have finished what they came to do on the Earth. So, sit back relax and let the ascension energies flow.

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