Why we do what we do and how can we Change?”

May 29, 2014

A meditation session was held on 24th Sept 2013. We discussed:

  • What is motivation?
  • Isn’t all motivation intrinsic?
  • What factors motivate us?
  • Map of the world – the structure of the map is based on the VAK. VAK stands for Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. We make pictures in our mind, talk to ourselves and create feelings. That is why we do what we do. The structure of Map can be motivating or demotivating. That depends on the quality of the map.
  • · Behind VAK are thought patterns. Thought patterns are based on our beliefs. Beliefs about ourselves, others, environments and our perceptions about things.
  • · The quality of the Map determines the quality of our thoughts and actions. If we want to improve ourselves then we should improve the quality of the Map.

·How do we improve the quality of the Map? It is easy. Change the VAK:

Change the quality of internal pictures, the self-dialogue and the feelings.

How do we do that? Again, it is simple. Replace one with the other.

· Awareness: you cannot change anything unless you become aware of what is going on. So —- be aware of the VAK and change and keep changing.

· Change focus – change reality: reality is relative, keeps changing and is directly related to what we focus on at any point in time. The key word here is the FOCUS. Focus is the other name of reality. WOW!

· How to motivate others? There are multiple factors that contribute to motivation. I will talk about three important aspects here:

– Empowerment: empower others so that they can bring in their best and employ themselves to their optimum ability. Give them responsibility and invoke creativity.

– Continuous Improvement: improvement is a continuous process. Allow and create opportunities that people can achieve self-mastery.

– Higher Purpose: everything starts with a purpose. Give them a worthwhile purpose and they would be ready to lay down their lives.

– Law of giving: make self-less contributions in the lives of others. See them growing and prospering and be happy. Happiness is your reward.

– What is Health and what is Disease? Life is about balance. Imbalance of energy is problem and is disease/illness.

– Gratitude: you attract whatever you show gratitude. Be thankful to Allah 24/7.


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