How is Happiness Related to Gratitude?

January 30, 2017

Gratitude is single most important attitude of mind that contributes to satisfaction and happiness. What is gratitude? Well, it is being thankful and grateful and accepting ‘what is’. Saying thanks to the creator, to fellow beings and just about everything. Be thankful for whatever you have. When you show gratitude and are thankful for your health, relationships, the material assets, your body parts and your senses, you send positive vibrations in the universe and start attracting more of what you are grateful for. This is the law of universe.

Does that mean you don’t have to work hard, ask for more and more progress in life? It does not mean that. It means you move in life with grateful attitude. You start living in the present moment and with least effort you achieve more. Living in the present moment with an attitude of gratitude is the biggest favor we can do ourselves.

I invite you to show gratitude from all your heart and mind for one day from morning till night and feel the feeling of happiness. I am sure you will start loving this attitude and make it a habit to experience more and more of it for happiness is hidden in it.

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