Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all experience during the day, many times perhaps. Yet this state of mind is automatic, not a conscious activity. Reading a favorite book, watching an interesting play on stage, daydreaming are all natural HYPNOTIC states.

Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can promote accelerated human change. With Hypnosis, we can create desired changes in behavior and encourage mental and physical well-being. Learn how to guide yourself and others to lose weight, quit smoking and be free of physical pain. These programs are especially suited for health care professionals, practicing therapists, and all individuals seeking to make a positive change.


•     Rapidly induce trance in your clients and help them make highly desired changes.
•     Have great RELATIONSHIPS.
•     Get success in all aspects of life.
•     Instant positive thinking power.
•     Achieve YOUR Goals, Desires;
•     Weight loss, stop smoking, addictions;
•     Freedom from Fears or phobias;
•     Stress management, instant relaxation;
•     Emotional healing, security, self-esteem;
•     Attract or create the mate you want.
•     Develop a magnetic dynamic personality.
•     Replace anxiety & depression with peace of mind, inner peace;
•     Get great sleep. Help towards insomnia cure.
•     Induce amnesia in your clients so they completely forget they ever had a problem. It’s simple when you know Hypnosis.
•     The little known technique of hypermnesia to increase the ability to remember. Used mostly by law enforcement authorities, now everyone can have access to these formerly restricted techniques.
•     Have people safely review traumatic periods of their life.
•     Instant hypnotic pain relief techniques that never fail to help.
•     Improve your sales performance
•     Become a more effective Manager
•     Learn the art of Communication to motivate others
•     Improve your Presentation Skills
•     Get that job at interview
•     Get rid of procrastination
•     Improved Reading Speed & Comprehension
•     Lessening Examination Panic & Anxiety
•     Suggestions & Success Imagery for Study Problems
•     And so much more…

You will Learn:

•     Hypnosis
•     Self Hypnosis
•     Indirect Hypnosis
•     Sleep Hypnosis
•     Eriksonian Hypnosis
•     Age Regression
•     Time Progression
•     Corporate Hypnosis
•     Automatic Handwriting
•     Trance – Deep Trance Phenomenon
•     Hypnosis as a profession

You will Discover:

•     How to Hypnotize People In A Matter Of Seconds
•     How to Build Rapport With Total Strangers Fast And Easily
•     The Hidden Secrets Of Genuine Hypnosis
•     How to Create Powerful ‘Embedded Commands’ To Get Whatever You Want
•     How to Unleash The Awesome Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
•     How to Transform Your Life And Achieve Your Dreams
•     How to avoid the common mistakes that all struggling hypnotists make.
•     How to use Covert language to pre-hypnotize your subject before they realize anything has happened.
•     How to put your volunteer into an instant trance… Just by shaking their hand!
•     Plus Many Many More Secret-Busting Techniques that’ll Guarantee your success
•     Uncover And Eliminate Negative Inner Thoughts That Are Holding You Back
•     Unlock Your True Potential And Access The Awesome Power Of Your Subconscious Mind
•     Boost Your Self Image – Look And Feel Like a ‘New You’
•     Create Powerful Life-Changing Suggestions
•     Unleash Dynamic And Motivating Goal Setting Strategies For A Rewarding And Prosperous Future
•     Discover The Fascinating World of Waking Hypnosis
•     Solidify Your Commitment To Success With the Power Of Goal Contracts
•     Eliminate Bad Habits Effortlessly, Without Stress Or Relapse
•     And Much Much More!

Who should Attend?

•     Doctors
•     Psychologist
•     Alternative Medicine Practitioners
•     Psychiatrists
•     Physiotherapist
•     Business Executives
•     Managers
•     Students
•     Teachers
•     Lawyers
•     Police Officers
•     Bankers
•     Any one interested in using the brain more and better

Positive and negative suggestion:

Try this little experiment…


I want you to count down from 10 to 1, during this time, you’re not allowed to think of a blue door. Just count down slowly to yourself and don’t allow the image of a blue door to enter your mind. Don’t even think of a blue door at all, just count down until you reach 1.


How did you do?


If you didn’t think of a blue door you’re a very rare individual! Most people.. in fact almost everyone on the planet.. will think of the blue door.
Your subconscious mind can’t process the negative instruction. It has to think of a blue door in order to know what not to think about…
This is the difference between positive and negative suggestion.


Did You Know?


Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is widely used in a myriad of clinical, self-help and therapy programs.


•     Hypnosis has been used by criminologists, psychologists, and other mind specialists to control behavior in a patient or client( Forensic Hypnosis etc).

•     It has been used to treat phobias, allowing a subject to face and endure situations that once may have immobilized them.

•     Hypnosis has been used in many self-improvement categories, such as weight loss, nail-biting, and smoking.

•     It has been used to control bed-wetting and thumb-sucking habits in young patients.

•     Many of the programs that enhance intelligence or education-related skills involve the use of hypnosis — speed reading and memorization improvement are two examples.

•     Individuals simply seeking to better themselves in their professional careers may seek the services of a hypnotist; the same holds true of artists of all kinds — actors, musicians, writers.

•     Hypnosis is gaining widespread acceptance as a safe, reliable, effective and comfortable alternative or adjunct to other, more traditional methods.

•     In the modern climate of sky-rocketing health care costs, hypnosis is also proving invaluable as an aid in speeding recovery from physical and mental problems.

•     It does not involve potentially habit-forming drugs, has no serious side-effects and is inexpensive.

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