Neuro Linguistics Programming

Neuro Linguistics Programming

What Is NLP?

In essence, NLP is the study of our thinking, behavior, and language patterns so that we can build sets of strategies that work for us in making decisions, building relationships, succeeding up a business, coaching a team of people, inspiring and motivating others, creating balance in our lives, negotiating our way through the day, and, above all, learning how to learn. It is the study of human excellence and producing excellent results

Belief of Excellence ……..

• People have their own model of the world
• People have all the inner resources they need to succeed
• There is no failure, only results
• I am in charge of my mind, and therefore my results.

Why you should take this course NOW?

• Eliminate and remove difficulties in your work and personal life.
• Control almost any situation.
• Catapult yourself to great success.
• Get results you can count on.
• How to get into another’s mind – read people like a book
• How to see and hear expertly
• How to ask the right questions for change
• How to change internal states
• How to access personal strengths
• Set goals in ways that ensure desired outcomes
• Stop Addictions and habit modification.
• Metaphors – learn to use the language of sub-conscious mind

You will master these NLP techniques that you can use immediately:

• Circle of excellence — have all your top resources available to you.
• Change personal History — alter your responses to bad memories.
• Adding resources – supply more skills to new areas.
• Representation systems —- how we store experiences and relate to the world
• Eye Movement Patterns —– how they relate to neurology
• Re-parenting – Advanced Inner Child Work
• Anchoring — learn the secrets of master communicators by using anchors – change states instantly.
• Swish Patterns — leap past limitations into a new you.
• New Behavior Generator — gives you dependable techniques to try on new skills; makes learning easy; utilize the secrets of top sports performers.
• Fast Phobia Technique — release traumatic memories; defuse phobias and fears from spiders, snakes, heights, to war and PTSD etc.
• Mend a broken Heart — help yourself and others recover from bad relationships.
• 6-Step reframe — learn to use your subconscious in new ways.
• Deep self-appreciation techniques to boost your self-esteem.
• Report building skills
• Meta Positions —- Building excellent Relationships,
• Time Lines — influence on our lives.

Plus Much More!

You will learn all this in an environment that is supportive and loads of fun. This has been said by many to be the most effective, influential training you can take.
The course has been developed with YOU in mind.

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