Summary What is Happiness? Are you Happy?

May 15, 2014

Free Meditation held on 10th March 2015. Lots of people showed interest and enthusiasm about learning more and more. House was full. Following topics came under discussion:

  • What is happiness? Are you happy? What makes you happy? What makes you unhappy? Let us think.
  • What is Happiness? Happiness can be defined in many ways. I will share two definitions with you:“Happiness is a combination of meaning and pleasure” OR “Happiness is the matching of your wants and needs according to your Map of the World”
  • The emphasis was on “How to be happy?”


  • Love and accept yourself as you are: Loving and accepting yourself is the basis of happiness. Can you love others and make others happy if you do not love yourself? Can you be happy if you do not love yourself?
  • Change your life or map of the world or both: It is all about the map of the world; that we have in mind. It does not matter what the reality is. What matters is how we see the world through our map. We have a choice to either change the quality of the map or change our life or change both. Can we not?  
  • Can money buy happiness? Yes, why not. Won’t you be happy being paid well, driving a good car, living in a nice home, your children going to a good school, being able to eat in a good restaurant, travel abroad, avail good medical facilities, help other needy people, educate poor children, build hospital for the poor, help others with money in any way?Of course wrong use of money can cause unhappiness. It is the use of money that matters, money itself is good.
  • The time zones: There are three time zones. Past, present and future. Consider past as a huge learning resource. Learn from the experience and let go the rest. Future is an illusion. What we do in the present becomes our future. Present is a present and the only zone to live in.
  • Do not compare with others:When you compare yourself with others you become unhappy. Compare and compete with yourself, keep improving and keep moving.
  • Pleasure and happiness: Are pleasure and happiness the same. Yes and No. You may have temporary pleasure and rob yourself of happiness. You may have the pleasure of somebody’s company which may add to happiness. Pleasure and happiness combine on short term basis. More often than not you may have to earn long term happiness through patience and perseverance.
  • Accept “What is”: The problem starts when we start focusing on “What is not” instead of “What is”. What a pleasure it is to accept “What is”. Start with yourself, others, environment and – and – and ——– be happy.“What is; Is.”
  • Indecision is stressful. Decide quickly, take responsibility for your decisions and feel good.
  • Forgive: Forgiveness is divine. It relieves tons of unwanted emotional energy. Must you carry the unnecessary emotional burden and affect your health, adversely?  
  • Be in the moment: WOW! How beautiful? This moment. I am this moment, here, now. This is so real. Perhaps, this moment we live in is the only reality. Isn’t it?
  • Earn your success: The pleasure lies in earning, loosing, getting up, learning, re-learning, moving on and on; while pursuing worthy goals. When you bring value to your work you are happy. Success is a journey of happiness. Happiness is an on-going process. Enjoy the process of happiness.
  • Take challenges: Challenge yourself. Take risks. Be happy and pat yourself when you meet the challenges.
  • Grow and give: Growing is a pleasure and so is giving. Giving is receiving. Give more and receive more.
  • Develop consciousness: Consciousness is all knowing and seeking the truth. It leads to satisfaction and inner happiness.
  • Family and relations: Happy and healthy relationships cannot be emphasised more. Happiness flows through healthy relationships. Focus on giving love instead of receiving. The more you give the more you get.
  • Celebrate success: Celebrate every little success. Be happy, jump and dance. Appreciate yourself more and more. And of course thank Allah more and more.
  • Meaningful happiness: For meaningful happiness adopt long cut to tasksinstead of taking short cuts. Marathon race is painful; however, completing it is awesome.
  • Less is more: Live simply. All that shines is not gold. Showing off wealth and expensive living is temporary happiness and satisfying the ego. There is no end to this rat race. Instead develop consciousness and satisfy your soul.
  • How to be unhappy? Think of all the bad experiences of the past; most of the time. Indulge in negative self-talk. Expect all the bad things to happen to you. Do not accept responsibility; keep playing the blame game. There you are. You have done it.
  • Practice gratitude: This is one most important aspect to happiness– true happiness. Start the day with thanking the creator. End the day with gratitude. Thank as often as you can for everything you have; including your body, the organs of the body, the senses, friends, relatives and every material and non-material thing. Be prosperous, be in peace.

Keep smiling, keep growing and giving,


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