Reiki heals Chronic Dysentery

June 20, 2017

Reiki has three levels of healing and it can work at all levels of human existence.

A gentleman told me that he was going to perform Umrah but he had a serious health issue. He was patient of chronic, bleeding, Dysentery and could not eat many things.

He was going with a group, for Umra, after ten days where the food would be cooked centrally. He was worried; he would not be able to manage himself there.

I did Reiki on ten bottles of mineral water and told him to drink a bottle a day. After six days, he rang me up to say that he was feeling much better. Dysentery had improved and  he could eat so many more things.

He performed Umrah comfortably and ate everything with the group without any problem. Not only that, he remained in good health for the next six months.

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