What is Short OMW?

February 18, 2017

Change from an undesirable state to a desirable state with the resources available to us or the recourses that we can create. One Minute Wonder (OMW) is one such resource which empowers you to make change. Short OMW also provides immediate relief to multiple issues like physical and mental etc

Single point tapping is a short cut to OMW. There are 6 simple steps:

  • Access the problem: Imagine and feel it. Keep your focus on the problem throughout the 10 deep breaths
  • Start tapping on Karate Chop
  • Breathe in deeply
  • At every exhale tell yourself: “I love myself and accept myself”. Do this for 10 deep breaths.
  • Take ED Scale and feel the change
  • Tap on choice statements. Choose the opposite of what you have been tapping for. Imagine and feel the desired state as if it has come true. If there is difficulty in believing it; pretend it to be true.


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