Would you like to Performance at Your Peak?

November 18, 2016

Peak performance is a process for aligning knowledge, skills, attitude and habits to make a customized action plan that helps performers to go beyond perceived limitations and achieve specific goals.

What Factors Contribute to Peak Performance?

  • Self-discipline
  • Take full responsibility of your actions and the results
  • Be congruent with the desired goal. Go for it with all your heart, mind and soul.
  • Motivation – create a burning desire by making attractive and meaningful pictures, feelings and dialogues within you.
  • Be clear and completely aligned with your purpose, mission, values, beliefs, goals and objectives.
  • Draw strength from your past by focusing on your achievements
  • Carry out mental rehearsals for all your important goals and objectives
  • Take massive action that includes: forming strategies and tactics and implementing action plans.
  • Expect success: be confident, persistent and pursue your goals vigorously.

Each of the above factors may be have certain barriers and difficult for you to implement. Let us take the example of self-discipline. If you lack self-discipline then what is it that makes you default upon your discipline? What happens inside you i.e. what kind of pictures do you make, what do you feel and what do you tell yourself regarding your performance; that you cannot maintain self-discipline?

Do OMW tapping on each of the above factors to remove the barriers, first. Take action and move into the peak performance zone by reprogramming for better and better performance.

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