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November 25, 2016

The profession of sales is difficult, unsure and unpredictable. At the same time, it is highly rewarding and satisfying. Sale starts with personal selling. Before selling any product to others, firstly they should sell the product to themselves and then to the customer.

Rapport Building: Rapport building is an essentials part of sales. It facilitates understanding and galvanizes communication. Rapport can be built at various levels: Physical, Mental and Emotional. Very briefly; following are the building blocks of rapport.

  • There are three Components of Communication: Body language, tonality of voice and language patterns. Body language is 55 percent, tonality of voice 38 percent, and words 7 percent. That means nonverbal communication is 93 percent and that’s mean body language is the bulk of communication. Do we pay as much attention to body language during our communication? Don’t we give too much emphasis on spoken?


  • Communication is about Matching and Mismatching: Match body language, tonality of voice and words of the client. Be selective and discrete in matching otherwise it will be counterproductive. All positive communication depends on how well you match the other person or groups.
  • Build Rapport in Imagination: Before you visit the prospect, see and feel the positive communication taking place and being successful.
  • Ask Questions: Asking questions is a useful way of communication. You ask questions to clarify the mind, prepare the prospect for buying and also provide information about your product and service.
  • Emotions: Add fuel of your sales by being emotional because emotions are contagious. Your prospect feels your emotions and responds. See yourself dancing in harmony with your prospect.


Do One Minute Wonder (OMW) tapping on any of your limiting aspects of communication and rapport building.

What Problems Impede Sales?

  • Not keeping promises
  • Not practicing 80/20 rule
  • Not knowing the customer
  • Not qualifying prospects
  • Not setting sales call objective for each call
  • Not knowing your unique selling proposition
  • Not prioritizing your accounts
  • Not knowing the decision makers
  • Not gaining prospects trust
  • Not asking the right kind of questions in the right way
  • Not having the confidence in your own product or service

Emotional Blocks:

  • The feeling of being stuck
  • The feelings of ‘not being good enough’
  • Fear of rejection
  • Intimidated by the client
  • Negative self-talk: money does not seem to flow in
  • Delaying important calls unnecessarily – procrastinating
  • Believes that market is not responding and sales are down
  • Have never been a successful sales person in the past
  • Lack of enthusiasm and motivation
  • Lack of pre-framing the meetings and sales closures

It is very important to tap on the blocks to sales. Tap on the blocks one by one till you feel good and confident.

Coherence: Everyone talks about increasing sales and becoming super sales person. It is valid to talk about it. However, what people don’t realize it that they cannot achieve the sales’ targets unless they are completely coherent with themselves and environments. The inner conflicts, fears and anxiety should be removed otherwise you sabotage your own efforts.

Pre-framing:  Pre-framing is rehearsing the future. It is mental rehearsal of what and how you want things to happen. The sales person projects, mental pictures, feelings and dialogues, imagining as if their sales call was a great success. Imagine and feel success from the time you enter the client’s office, till closing of the sale.

In case you feel there are fears or doubts of any nature; do OMW on all the aspects of the problems before pre-framing. Go into pre-framing again and again till you are absolutely aligned with your purpose.

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