Would you like to Set Goals?

December 2, 2016

When we set goals we create a road map to where we want to go. The destination is defined and the process of reaching there is enumerated through well-conceived plan. Goals are always written and clearly visualized, imagined and felt as if they have been accomplished.

Importance of Goal Setting:

Rarely have I met someone who has set goals in writing. Very few who do set goals in writing; achieve them. Setting goals is like planting seeds, in the universal plane. I have experienced that when we move one step towards our goals, the goals move two steps towards us. We attract in our lives what we think and feel most of the time; it does not matter what it may be. Intensely desired and emotionalized goals are easier to achieve because universe comes into play for you.

Visualizing the Goals:

As if you have achieved them and then work backward, in time. There are three stages of it: short term, medium term and long term goals. Imagine the stages as clearly as possible. Short term goals are up to one year, medium term up to five years and long term beyond five years. Translate the goals into monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Time line the goals in writing and keep visiting the end results; aligning your actions in the present.

Why don’t People Set Goals:

  • Do not believe in goal setting.
  • Do not know the importance of goal setting.
  • The desire to achieve is not compelling.
  • Doubts about the results
  • Hesitation and procrastination
  • Cannot leave the comfort zone
  • Do not want to be disappointed
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • They feel they do not deserve
  • Negative past experiences

 Types of Goals:

 There are four types of goals:

  • Professional and financial
  • Personal development
  • Family
  • Social

All types of goals are important and interdependent therefore set goals for each type and work simultaneously. If you give too much importance to one type and ignore the other; you will rob yourself of happiness because imbalance will be created.

Manifestation of Goals:

Following measures help in manifesting the goals:

  • Clearly state the intention
  • Be committed and completely aligned
  • Take massive action
  • Visualize, feel and repeat it positively in your self-talk
  • Show gratitude as if it has been achieved
  • Release it to universe for accomplishment

Limiting Beliefs:

Limiting beliefs are blocks to achieving goals. Attempting to achieve goals in the presence of limiting beliefs amounts to courting failure.

Do OMW on these beliefs before goals setting and during the process of manifestation. Fears impede progress therefore work especially on your fears. Keep testing your motivation along the way and do tapping to boost motivation.


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